There's Really No Argument

HnH will NEVER "Top" a tree


Topping shortens the life of a tree,

creates hazards for the property owner

  is very expensive and time consuming to correct, if it can even be corrected.


Anyone Claiming to be an Arborist or even a Tree Trimmer should be able to explain "Apical Dominance" 

 After explaining Apical Dominance, if that person is still willing to "Top, Head-Back, Reduce, Shape, Hat-Rack, Tip or Round-Over your tree,

Please call US

To Salute those who still practice "Topping" we present 

"The Wall of Shame"


Trees are not supposed to look like Q-tips, Broccoli, Asparagus, or Chicken Bones. 

Hopefully, this dangerous outdated practice will cease when consumers realize the damage that is being done.

Was a Pear Tree, now a Liability
Someone needed a paycheck
Star Wars Creature?
No Arborist would do this
Formerly a tree lined drive
Asparagus shoots?
Chicken Bones
Homes for Carpenter Ants